Safety Precaution
A: Piston Pumps
B: Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps
C: Pressure Control Valves
D: Flow Control Valves
E: Directional Control Valves
F: Check Valves
G: Stack Valves
H: Cartridge Valves
J: Proportional Valves
K: Digital Valve Control Systems
L: Switches and Sensors
M: Electronics Components
N: Motors
P: Hydraulic Cylinders
Q: Power Packages
R: Accessories, Flanges and Subplates
App.: Appendix
    (Technical Info & O-Rings)

 Safety Precaution Cautions Relating to the Applicable Laws and Regulations

 Notice Notice to Users for all Power Control Equipment


A Piston Pumps
A0 Piston Pumps
A1 PH SeriesLow Noise, High Pressure Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
A2 PH**-EDHSElectric Direct Control System Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
A3 PH**F SeriesLow Noise Fixed Displacement Piston Pumps
A4 P**V / P**VM SeriesLow Noise Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

B Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps
B0 Vane Pumps
B1 (F11)-SQP(S)*Low Noise Single Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps
B2 (F11)-SQP(S)**Low Noise Double Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps
B3 (F11)-SQP(S)***Low Noise Triple Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps
B4 VQ seriesHigh performance Pump for Mobile Applications
B5 **VQSingle Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps
B6 ****VQDouble Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps
B7 V-1*4/1*5Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps
B8 V-1*8/1*9Double Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps

C Pressure Control Valves
C0 Pressure Control Valves
C1 TCG20Relief Valves
C2 TCG50 to 80Solenoid Controlled Multi Pressure Relief Valves
C3 CGRelief Valves
C4 CGLLow Pressure Control Valves
C5 C-175Direct Relief Valves
C6 CGRRemote Control Relief Valves
C7 TGMCRRemote Control Relief Modules
C8 TGMSL-3Vent Unloading Shockless Modules
C9 URG1 / URG2Unloading Relief Valves
C10 RG(2)-3FDirect Pressure Control Valves
C11 R(C)GDirect Pressure Control Valves
C12 XG1Direct Pressure Reducing Valves
C13 X(C)G / XGLPressure Reducing Valves
C14 BLGBalancer Valves (Pressure Reducing & Relief Valves)

D Flow Control Valves
D0 Flow Control Valves
D1 FN(1)-4One Way Restrictors
D2 FN(1)GOne Way Restrictors
D3 TFN(C)GOne Way Restrictors
D4 LFCGPressure-Temperature Compensated Flow Control Valves
D5 F(C)GPressure-Temperature Compensated Flow Control Valves

E Directional Control Valves
E0 Directional Control Valves
E1 DG4M4Miniature Solenoid Directional Valves
E2 DG4V-3Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E3 DG4V-5Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E4 DG5V-7 / DG5V-H8Solenoid Controlled Pilot Operated Directional Control Valves
E5 DG5S-10Solenoid Controlled Pilot Operated Directional Control Valves
E6 DG4VC-3Fine Current Signal Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E7 DG4VC-5Fine Current Signal Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E8 DG4VL-3Low-Holding Current Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E9 DG4VL-5Low-Holding Current Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E10 DG4VS-3Shockless Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E11 DG4VS-5Shockless Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E12 DG4SM-3Mini-Watt Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E13 DG4V-3-SWSolenoid Directional Control Valves with Spool Position Monitoring
E14 DG4V-5-SWSolenoid Directional Control Valves with Spool Position Monitoring
E15 DG4V-3, 100Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves
E16 COMDirectional & Flow Control Valves “COMNICA”
E17 PD3COMNICA Valve Controller
E18 DG3V-7 / DG3V-H8Pilot Operated Directional Control Valves
E19 DG3S-10Pilot Operated Directional Control Valves
E20 C-552 / C-572Mechanically or Manually Operated Directional Control Valves
E21 DG1M / DG2M
 DT1M / DG2M
Mechanically or Manually Operated Directional Control Valves
E22 DG20SMechanically Operated Directional Control Valves
E23 DG2S2 / DG2S4Mechanically Operated Directional Control Valves
E24 DG17VManually Operated Directional Control Valves

F Check Valves
F0 Check Valves
F1 DT8P1, 10 SeriesIn-Line Type Check Valves
F2 DT8P1, 20 SeriesIn-Line Type Check Valves
F3 C2Angle Type Check Valves
F4 C2G/C5GAngle Type Check Valves
F5 DF10P1Angle Type Check Valves
F6 4CGPilot Operated Check Valves
F7 THPCGPilot Operated Check Valves
F8 C2PG / C5PGPilot Operated Check Valves
F9 CVSHShuttle Valves
F10 URMCCheck Valve Modules

G Stack Valves
G0 Flui-Trol SeriesStack Valves
G1 C1M / C2MPressure Relief Modules
G2 RM(2)Flui-Trol Pressure Sequence Modules
G3 XM1Flui-Trol Pressure Reducing Modules
G4 FN(1)MFlui-Trol Restrictor (with Check) Modules
G5 DM8MFlui-Trol Direct Check Modules
G6 4C2MFlui-Trol Pilot Operated Check Valve
G7 SM1Flui-Trol Pressure Switch Modules
G8 FM/FPFlui-Trol Filter Valve
G9 DGB/ DGC / XAMFlui-Trol Adapter Plates
G10 TGM-3, 50 Series
G11 TGMC(2)-3Pressure Relief Modules
G12 TGMR(1)-3Pressure Sequence Valve
G13 TGMX2-3Pressure Reducing Modules
G14 TGMFN-3Restrictor Modules
G15 TGMDC-3Check Valve Modules
G16 TGMPC-3Pilot Operated Check Modules
G17 TGMC(2)-3, 10Direct Pressure Relief Modules
G18 TGMRC-3Pressure Counterbalance Modules
G19 TGMFS-3Pressure Release Modules
G20 TGMHX-3Pressure Compensator Module
G21 TGMSH-3Shuttle Valve Modules
G22 DGMPS-3Pressure Switch Modules
G23 TGMA-3Adaptor Plates
G24 TGM-5, 50 Series
G25 TGMC(2)-5Pressure Relief Modules
G26 TGMR1-5Pressure Sequence Modules
G27 TGMRC-5Pressure Sequence/Counterbalance Modules
G28 TGMX2-5Pressure Reducing Modules
G29 TGMFN-5Restrictor Modules
G30 TGMDC-5Check Valve Modules
G31 TGMPC-5Pilot Operated Check Modules
G32 TGMFS-5Pressure Release Modules
G33 TGMA-5Adaptor Plates
G34 TGM-7, 50 Series
G35 TGMC-7Pressure Relief Modules
G36 TGMRC-7Counterbalance Modules
G37 TGMX2-7Pressure Reducing Modules
G38 TGMFN-7Restrictor Modules
G39 TGMDC-7Check Valve Modules
G40 TGMPC-7Pilot Operated Check Modules
G41 TGMFS-7Pressure Release Modules
G42 TGM-8, 50 Series
G43 TGMFS-8Pressure Release Modules

H Cartridge Valves (Logic Valves)
H0 Cartridge Valve Series
H1 CVICartridge Insert
H2 CVCCartridge Cover

J Proportional Valves
J0 Proportional Valve Series
J1 EPCG2-01Proportional Relief Valves (Direct Operated Type)
J2 EPCG2-03/06/10Proportional Relief Valves
J3 EPFG-01Proportional Flow Control Valves (Direct Operated Type)
J4 EPF(R)G-03/06/10Proportional Flow Control Valves
J5 EPDG1Proportional Directional & Flow Control Valves (Direct Operated)
J6 EPMX2Proportional Pressure Reducing Modules
J7 ECMA1Proportional Valve Controllers
J8 EPADEP Series Proportional Valve Controllers (Valve Mounted Type)
J9 P-X/ZEP Series Proportional Valve Controllers
J10 PB-X/ZEP Series Proportional Valve Controllers (Pcb Type)

K Digital “Stepper Motor” Valve Control Systems
K0 Digital Valve Series
K1 D-CGDigital Relief Valves
K2 D-F(R)GDigital Flow Control Valves
K3 D-DF(R)GDigital Directional & Flow Control Valves
K4 DC-A2MDigital Valve Controllers
K5 DC-AX4Digital Valve Controllers

L Switches and Sensors
L1 SG1-02 / ST1-02Pressure Switch
L2 SG-3Pressure Switch
L3 ESPElectronic Pressure Switch
L3/L4 WKRestrictor Coupling for ESP*/ETP*
L4 ETPDigital Valve Controllers
L4 CAYCord with Connector for Pressure Sensor

M Electronics Components
M1 Digital Valve SeriesPocket Radio Remote Control System
M2 (U)-PRC3-340/360Super-Pocket Radio Remote Control System
M3 (U)-PRC3-380Super-Pocket Radio Remote Control System
M4 (U)-PHRCH& Held Radio Remote Control System
M5 (U)-RAC1Radio Remote Control System
M6 (U)-RAC2Radio Remote Control System
M7 TKFSlip Ring
M8 HSStroke Sensor

N Motors
N0 Motors
N1 25M/35M/45MHigh Speed Vane Motors
N2 MHTHigh Torque Low Speed Vane Motors
N3 DMHT /MHT (Multi-Torque) Switching Valve for MHT Motors
N4 Gear Motors
N5 CRHigh Torque Low Speed Internal Gear Motors
N6 GR-MMechanical Brake Integrated High Torque Low Speed Motors
N7 BRBrake Valves
N8 CBCounterbalance Valves

P Hydraulic Cylinders
P1 TH / TJ/ TMStandard Hydraulic Cylinders

Q Power Packages
Q0 Power Packages
Q1 QV-PACLow Noise Small Power Packages
Q2 TU (TU-PAC)Low Noise Small Power Packages
Q3 TU-INVEnergy Saving Power Packages
Q4 Q*** (Q-PAC)Power Packages
Q5 TDMMotor-Pump Direct Coupled Types

R Accessories, Flanges and Subplates
R1 OFSInlet Strainers
R2 OFRReturn Line Filters
R3 ABTAir Bleed Valves
R4 GTGauge Valves
R5 OLGTFluid-Level Indicators with Thermometer
R6 Subplates
R7 FL(1)Flanges
R8 SAE / FittingSAE O-Ring /Fittings
R9 Bolts

App. Appendix  (Technical Info & O-Rings)
App.1 Technical InfoInlet Strainers
App.2 O-RingsReturn Line Filters